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Golden Week Roundup.

Golden week has come and gone, *sigh~*

I didn’t do very much this year, well I rarely do very much for golden week, parks are full, travel is expensive, and I usually forget about it until the last moment and then it’s too late to really plan anything.

Monday was the start of Children’s Week on World of Warcraft and I was prepared for it. I made a bunch of the “Chocolate Cakes” and the cupcakes and got a bunch of extra mats and threw them up on AH. I made about 7,000G profit which by the by, I also bought out the market in eggs, mageroyal and cakes twice to set my own prices. Still wound up over 7grand in gold.
Went out and got the new ferret today to keep the older one company (older by just two months and yet a surprising size difference) Roommate stupidly overstuffed him with pureed turkey meat, new kibble and calorie vite. Basically imagine giving a kid redbull, curry for the first time and then letting them eat all the candy they want after moving them to a new country for the first time. Yeah, poor guy shit everywhere.

Tuesday I went out, payed the rent, did a little shopping and made chicken burrito’s. I was a little miffed that I went to all the effort of making them, and the roommate even chipped in to buy ingredients… And then she didn’t even eat any. As a cook I’m a little insulted but as a cheap butt I’m also like “sweet free food all week!”
Cleaned up ferret poop all day since the little one doesn’t understand the function of the litter box.

Wednesday was the day from hell. Woke up and Nanaimo (new ferret) pooed so hard it flew out of the cage. Cleaned that up, washed all his bedding, gave him and Sparty (older one) a rinse since the little one pooed on him and himself. Set him up with some bland watered down kibble and gave them a big bottle of fresh water.
Then I went to Shibuya to take roommates computer into the apple store (again) Got myself a new Starbucks Chocolate cookie crumble with white chocolate pudding frappachino.

Ohhh yeah that was the stuff…
I actually got the one without the pudding because I’m not a big fan of pudding, but mmmm that was good shit. Would have been nicer if it was a bit more frozen.
Anyway picked up the computer after that, turns out Rommie just needed to download the mac softwear update and THEN reload all her old softwear. durhur
Met up with my friend who was an hour and a half late but I was in a bookstore so it was okay.
Had curry which was very good.
Then coffee, well she had coffee, I’d already had mine for the day.
Then took the last train home. Missed my stop, had to walk for TWO HOURS in the RAIN to get home arriving back around 1:30 in the morning.
THEN There was a mass of cockroaches chilling in the middle of the kitchen. I sprayed and chased and cleaned them up all the while pantsless because I was soaked to my underwear.
THEN I look in the bathroom and the shelf above the toilet had fallen (because that’s where the roommate thinks it’s okay to store the ferret litter and food… It only holds 100lbs and each of those bags is 25lbs at LEAST what do you think is going to happen when you put 5+ bags up there?) And it cracked the toilet tank so now it kinda leaks. (I was able to fix it so it didn’t SPRAY EVERYWHERE but still, RARG)
I put my hand on the door to the roommates room praying “please please please have shit in the litter bin… I can’t handle anymore right now.”
Nope, Nanaimo knocked the litter bin off its hinges, sprayed litter and poo all around the cage and shat on everything again. I just cleaned up a little on the outside and left because fuck I was too angry to look at them.

Thursday I slept till 12, popped into the ferrets room to throw some food at them but considering in the middle of the night they’d doubled their poo amount and pooped outside of the cage again I just couldn’t deal with it. Roommate came home at 5 and she had to mop her floor of all the poops while the ferrets ran around in my room… And pooped in the corner. (But it was the older one so it wasn’t that horrid of a poop, was still mad)

Friday the roommate had a half day so she came home at 1, scooped the cage and set it up so the entire bottom level was litter giving up on the idea of a litter bin until Nanaimo gets used to the idea of pooping IN litter at all. Went for a shop and had a talk with her about ferret responsibilities.

Saturday went for another quick shop to get my friend some boxes from the Base and then went to Shibuya and paaaataaayyyed all night.

Came home around 8 Sunday and crashed till 1. Went into the ferrets room and discovered…
Roommate has not cleaned their cage or fed them since Friday.

Cleaned everything, was pleased to note that Nanimo’s poops are now at normal size and level so his tummy problems are over (whew) gave Sparty some hairball treatment because he’s pooping a little funny now himself. >:T

Monday I went out and bought the ferrets more meat (they’re on a natural-ish diet, so mostly organ meat with kibble as filler) got them some chicken, chicken liver and pig heart (I think it was pig, too small to be cow unless it was veal too big to be chicken) Sparty goes nuts for the heart, steals it from Nanaimo. XD
Diced that up into little containers, usually roommate cuts it with beef or turkey puree but considering the absofuck rancid shits Nana gets from that puree I’m never letting him eat that again. Not unless I want him to revenge poo everywhere when I’m away or something.

And that’s the end of Golden Week… Now I’m back at work :C

I want more vacation~~~

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